What is this?

You know that feeling, when...YOUR IDEA WON A LION!!! 
But...you’re the only one who knows this. Because you didn’t win. 
It was somebody else, who had the same idea, but they actually sold it, made it and entered it. You know that feeling: envy.

Because just a little bit, you feel like you deserved that award. 
You had a lion-winning idea, but...Yeah. Those buts:

  • But your CD didn’t like it,
  • But the client didn’t buy it,
  • But there wasn’t enough money,
  • But it failed in research,
  • But her emails! 

Well, we agree. You did have an award-winning idea, and you should get some recognition for it. We are here to cross that extra T at the end of that but, and award you your well deserved Lion’s Butt. Because we like the word butt, but also to always remind you: there should be no buts next time. Next time you sell harder, draw prettier, start a crowdfunding page if you have to, but you will be the next president of The United States. Or win that lion.