We know. We know that having a good idea is far from completing award-winning work. It’s like somewhere between 1% and 20% of the job, depending on who you read. But it’s sure as hell a first step. And you can’t get started without a first step now, can you?

So let’s just stop for a moment and celebrate the fact that there are no new ideas out there. Because tens of us had the same idea as a Cannes winner.

But where does that leave us?

Well, we believe that for every idea that did get made - even if dozens had the same idea in the drawer - there are hundreds out there that didn’t, that were unique and could have made this world better, more fun, or at least smelling more like bacon. And the Lion’s Butts that you win will stand proudly on your desk to remind you that next time, you shouldn’t let go when the first but comes in your face.
Legal Disclaimer:
No worries, we are not going to share any of the submitted materials with the world. We are not in the business of being sued by large companies, after all. 

Speaking of which...This award show has nothing to do with the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity except for feeding off its fame, but also maybe getting creatives across the industry to look at all the winners, not just the gold ones, so it’s useful for you too, right? #pleasedontsueus